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A Night of High Energy and Triumphs

At the British GP, the culminating event of the 2024 SuperEnduro World Championship, Will Hoare of Rieju Factory Racing clinched an admirable fifth place, with Dominik Olszowy closely trailing behind in sixth. These performances solidified Will Hoare’s overall fourth-place position, accumulating 240 points, and Dominik Olszowy’s sixth-place finish with 220 points in the final standings of the SuperEnduro World Championship 2024 season.

Action-Packed Night at Newcastle

The stage was set for adrenaline-fueled action as riders tackled a challenging track, a mix of natural terrain and artificial obstacles. Will Hoare’s prowess was evident from the start as he clinched the third-fastest time in the SuperPole, navigating through a slippery and demanding course.

Rieju Riders Battle to the Finish

In a display of resilience, Hoare maintained his position among the top contenders, securing fifth place in the first final. Meanwhile, Olszowy faced hurdles but showcased remarkable skill, finishing seventh.

Rieju’s Rise Continues

As the night progressed, Olszowy surged ahead, securing fourth place in the last race, a testament to his unwavering determination. Despite challenges, Hoare also demonstrated his mettle, finishing strong in fifth place.

Post-race reflections

Reflecting on the season, Hoare expressed satisfaction with his fourth-place finish in the overall standings, crediting his growing comfort with the Rieju MR 300. Olszowy, although not fully content with his results, remained optimistic about future prospects, determined to push for greater achievements.

Rieju’s Resilience and Determination

As the SuperEnduro World Championship drew to a close, Rieju Factory Racing showcased exceptional talent and resilience, reaffirming its presence among the top contenders in the global arena.

British GP Prestige class standings:

1Billy Bolt (Husqvarna)63
2Jonny Walker (Beta)49
3Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM)47
4Mitch Brightmore (GASGAS)39
5Will Hoare (Rieju) 🏁32
6Dominik Olszowy (Rieju) 🏁30

Final standings SuperEnduro World Championship 2024:

1Billy Bolt (Husqvarna)427
2Jonny Walker (Beta)354
3Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM)287
4Will Hoare (Rieju) 🏁240
5Mitch Brightmore (GASGAS)230
6Dominik Olszowy (Rieju) 🏁220

Final standings World Championship of Brands:

4Rieju 🏁402



  • Spain’s oldest active manufacturer. A family business with 100%-owned capital.
  • It produces 20,000 vehicles/year in 38 different models.
  • It exports 90% of its production to more than 35 countries. Direct distribution in Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.
  • A consolidated track record and experience in the sector, with more than 500,000 units manufactured.
  • Since 2006 it’s been the market leader in Spain and Europe with a 32% market share (in 50 cc).
  • Europe’s leading brand in low-capacity motorbikes with a gearbox.
  • A pioneer in the production of custom motorbikes since 2006.
  • Concerned about sustainability, it started producing electric motorbikes in 2010.
  • Gross income 2021: €48M.