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Successful Bassella Race 1 2023 for the Rieju Factory Team

Alfredo Gómez wins Saturday’s Xtreme Race and Francesc Moret takes fourth place.

Other results for Sunday’s Bassella Race 1, Pau Tomás finished third, Leo Le Queré fourth and Francesc Moret placed tenth among the PROs.

In the 2023 edition of the Eunduro Festival in Spain, we saw over 1,200 registered riders depart Bassella (Lleida) in sub-zero temperatures which left the course muddy and slippery for all the riders.

On Saturday afternoon, several races from different categories were held, with one of the highest public attendances to date. The day ended with the main course of the Xtreme Race. During qualifying, Alfredo Gómez fell behind at the start, which forced him to move up positions during the final laps to finish in fifth place. In the Xtreme final, the pilot from Rieju performed well, placing himself provisionally in second position after the first corners. He maintained an intense battle with the test’s leader until Walker made a mistake, which Alfredo took advantage of to overtake him and secure first place, achieving a hard-earned final victory. On Sunday, Gómez did not participate in the race.

Pau Tomas fought intensely with several pilots and managed to secure an excellent tenth position among international pilots to qualify for the final of the Xtreme Race. On Sunday, he had a good start, being part of the leading group and maintaining a high pace throughout the race despite several falls. Pau recovered well and finished in an excellent third-scratch position.

The French pilot Leo Le Queré had a positive debut with Rieju at the Bassella Race1, also competing in Saturday’s Xtreme Race where he achieved an outstanding sixth position despite it not being his specialty. On Sunday, in unfamiliar terrain, Le Queré steadily improved and finished in fourth position, just behind his teammate Pau Tomás.

Francesc Moret also stood out in the Xtreme Race, fighting among the top five and demonstrating his competitiveness. Unfortunately, he broke the front brake lever in a fall, making it difficult to maintain a high pace. Despite this setback, Moret overcame the difficulties and finished in an excellent fourth scratch position on the final podium. On Sunday, he had a strong start, placing himself provisionally in second position, which he held for half of the first lap before being overtaken by other riders. Moret maintained an excellent pace to finish in the tenth overall position.


Rieju Worldwide Presence


  • Spain’s oldest active manufacturer. A family business with 100%-owned capital.
  • It produces 20,000 vehicles/year in 38 different models.
  • It exports 90% of its production to more than 35 countries. Direct distribution in Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.
  • A consolidated track record and experience in the sector, with more than 500,000 units manufactured.
  • Since 2006 it’s been the market leader in Spain and Europe with a 32% market share (in 50 cc).
  • Europe’s leading brand in low-capacity motorbikes with a gearbox.
  • A pioneer in the production of custom motorbikes since 2006.
  • Concerned about sustainability, it started producing electric motorbikes in 2010.
  • Gross income 2021: €48M.