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WHES Round 2 and 3 Results

The West Australian Hard Enduro Series (WHES) second and third rounds took place on the 3rd and 4th of June. Saturday (round 2) was the Enduro-X round and Sam Rogers struggled more than anticipated but he decided to just take it in and have a bit of fun on the enjoyable track. Sam managed to secure 5th place but then achieved 1st place for the Bent Rhythm race that suited his style of racing!

Sunday (round 3) saw Sam challenge for second place for the first half of the day. Sam managed to extend the gap but then was forced towards the back of the pack with a chain malfunction. Fortunately, Sam managed to make up a few places and finish in 3rd, we believe Sam quite liked this track!

Official results for round 2:

Mildwood EnduroX/Cross Country

Gold (sponsored by Bunbury KTM)
🥇Anthony Solar
🥈Darren Rudling
🥉Mark Arnts

Hole shot (sponsored by the @boabtavern )
🕳️ Mark Arnts

Silver(sponsored by @enduro_parts_australia )
🥇James Oremek
🥈Halen Wickert
🥉Daniel Ledeboer

Hole shot (sponsored by the Boab Tavern)
🕳️ James Oremek

Bronze (sponsored by @savage_motorcycles)
🥇Mark Dickinson
🥈Tom Lilly
🥉Oskar Thomas

Hole shot (sponsored by the Boab Tavern)
🕳️ Oskar Thomas

Bent Rhythm (sponsored by the Boab Tavern and Savage Motorcycles)
🥇Sam Rogers
🥈Mark Arnts
🥉Damien Pruden


Official results for round 3:

Bunbury KTM MounTurner Hard Enduro

Gold (sponsored by Bunbury KTM)
🥇Anthony Solar
🥈Grady Byrne
🥉Sam Rogers

Hole shot (sponsored by the Boab Tavern)
🕳️ Darren Rudling (Calculated from start time)

Silver (sponsored by Enduro Parts Australia)
🥇Halen Wickert
🥈James Oremek
🥉Daniel Ledeboer

Hole shot (sponsored by the Boab Tavern)
🕳️ Daniel Ledeboer

Bronze (sponsored by Savage Motorcycles)
🥇Jayden Dalton
🥈Mark Dickinson
🥉Harris Baxter-Green

Hole shot (sponsored by the Boab Tavern)
🕳️ Jayden Dalton

Images courtesy of Ben Lovett


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